Opening Profile

A well written profile is essential for having a CV that will make a real impact and its here you should convey your record of achievements, experience level and the industries you’ve worked in. Add your career aspirations here too; it’s a great way to set the tone for the rest of the document.

Where to begin? You’d be surprised how many CV’s that don’t do this - always list your employment history in chronological order with your current / most recent position first. When describing your work experience don’t waffle. Describing the tasks you undertook is great but you’re likely to get noticed if you focus more on the results based tasks you undertook.

Showing you’re a results driven candidate will demonstrate your forward thinking and employability.

The Big A...(not the Big Apple)

Your biggest achievements! There isn’t anything more promising than listing your achievements for every position. Achievements are by far the most important section of your CV and when it’s done properly you’ll look like a winner to employers.


Taking that little bit of extra time to adapt your CV to every position you’ve applied for can make a significant impact. Granted, it would be outrageous to write a new CV for every position however a small amount of tweaking here and there can really make a world of difference. Do your research, read the job spec and tailor away.

Hobbies and Interests

Unless you have hobbies that directly relate to the position you’re applying for it’s definitely worth considering whether you can use this space more effectively.

Big No’s – Dancing, Music, Partying. This gives very little weight to your CV and doesn’t show how you are different or use your time effectively

Big Do’s – Help in the community for example coaching a younger generation in football or cricket, active clubs you’ve joined and sporting achievements.

Keep your CV Conservative but content is key, keep it interesting they aren’t supposed to be bland documents.
Employers need to see clearly how you’re better than other candidates with similar experience.


Record of achievements

Jobs listed in the current / most recent at the top

Skills picked up in every position, learning is key

Header so your personal information is present throughout the document

Tailoring to meet requirements of the position you’ve applied for

Hobbies and Interests – make them interesting

Active Voice