Published on Feb 3rd 2017

Jobs of the Future

Have you ever thought about all the jobs that don’t exist anymore?

Published on Jun 9th 2016

Brexit and The Recruitment Industry

With the EU referendum less than two weeks away...

Published on Apr 22nd 2016

New Age Ways of Hiring – Preparing for the Future

  In this day and age everyone turns to the internet for help / answers to their questions.  

Published on Mar 3rd 2016

Gaining the Competitive Edge

A bit of Help from one of our Client Service Experts…Elina’s in the Chair

Published on Feb 17th 2016

How to Fill a Job Vacancy

If you’re a HR Manager, without a doubt one of the most difficult...

Published on Dec 9th 2015

How To Recruit A Genius.

Recruiting genius candidates that will help your company expand and...

Published on Dec 9th 2015

Man Vs Machine - The Future Of The Employee

An often debated topic is where the employees’ future is heading some want promotion, others want the ability to...

Published on Jan 5th 2015

New look to Bluetown – Are you ready?

New look to Bluetown – Are you ready?  

Published on Jan 5th 2015

Thinking about hiring – Let the experts help

Here at bluetown we understand the importance about finding quality staff and the additional pressures HR teams are under to ensure they find the most effective...

Published on Jan 5th 2015

Rolls Royce invests 18 million into Bristol this month at th...

Rolls Royce’s announcement of investment comes only a month after their statement of its plans to cut 2,600 jobs over the next eighteen months...

Published on Jan 5th 2015

Skilled shortages – We’re not cutting the mustard

The current skills shortage is a real and present threat to Britain’s growing companies. It’s an issue that faces business across all sectors and disciplines...

Published on Jan 5th 2015

HR analytics – cookie anyone? ...Cough cough IT team

With the vast amounts of data available which sections of data can really help in exposing areas of improvement and help HR Professionals gain a competitive advantage...

Published on Jan 5th 2015

End of year sales, we all go crazy for a bargain

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday’s rush and the New Year Sales approaching for UK retailers this is one of their busiest time of year...

Published on Jan 5th 2015

Fancy a chance of scenery?

The rise of contract work through umbrella companies An umbrella company is a company that acts as...

Published on Jan 5th 2015

Small businesses to the rescue

According to the Office of National Statistics unemployment fell by 115,000 in October. Since the global financial crisis in 2008 and the threat of collapse of major financial institutions the recovery of the UK...