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Gaining the Competitive Edge

Posted on Mar 3rd 2016

A bit of Help from one of our Client Service Experts…Elina’s in the Chair

Today’s blog is putting Elina on the spot. She’s one of our Client Service experts and is tasked with helping all our clients on a daily basis to get the most from their campaigns. We thought we’d give you an insight in how she gains a competitive edge for our clients when they’re advertising their jobs online and how we fill positions for our clients daily.


Where would you advise is a good place to start a recruitment drive?


Advertising a job online is a good way to reach a large amount of job seekers. There are millions of people registered with agencies and sites online and one of them could be the perfect candidate for you. It’s better to start on a large scale and refine from there – or that’s what I’d advise as a first step.


Okay so that’s where you’d start but what if you need someone with a certain skill set?

First things first, do you want to headhunt or target passive candidates? Depending on the position you are trying to fill there are many different ways of reaching potential candidates. There are thousands of generalist and market specific sites at your mercy and with the trend of mobile applications on the up, recruiters have a growing number of options available to them to target the right candidate. Social media is also a great way of letting people know you’re hiring. You need to find the ones that are relevant to you or you can always give me a call and I’d be happy to help.


What types of application method should you consider when advertising a job externally?

If you’re looking for someone to learn and grow with your organisation you may be more interested in their personality and career plans than the number of years’ experience they have or what software they’ve been trained in. In this case a Cover Letter is a good way to find out a bit more about the candidate. On the other hand, if you’re recruiting for a more technical role and the right qualifications and experience is essential a good CV is a quick and easy way of finding out if the candidate will be suitable for the position.

An application form can make it very easy to get a quick overview of the candidate’s experience and can help you when you’re comparing applications, try to keep the application form questions relevant. If the form is too long or complicated chances are that some candidates won’t fill it out and you may miss out on some excellent applications!

Is there anything else you think could help improve the overall process of advertising a job and filling a vacancy?

There’s a multitude of ways you can improve the success rates. I personally hand filter and see hundreds of applications on a daily basis so you do start to see patterns emerging and develop a keen eye for detail. Shortlisting is an important stage of the overall recruitment process and it’s a core part of every client campaign we run. It also depends on the position so it’s important at the early stages of the advertising a job that we establish the ideal candidate for your organisation, understanding your company culture and your expectations of the successful candidate. We then work together to find your ideal candidate – feel free to give me a call and I’d be happy to go through the specifics (Cheshire cat grin as she speaks).


What’s your favourite thing about the job?

It’s got to be overseeing the recruitment process from start to finish. It’s important to us that we understand exactly what our client is looking for in a candidate and I enjoy working closely with them getting into the nitty gritty of what they want. I think when you’re recruiting it’s so important to find the right person and my favourite part is seeing all our hard work come together and finding their perfect hire!

Thanks Elina.